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Track your flight - Free and without registration

The large map gives you the opportunity to follow all flights in the world live and as precisely as possible at any time. Thanks to the permanent update, you always know where the machine you are looking for is currently. And the best thing is: the complete service is free of charge for you.

All you have to do is go to the page and you can immediately follow your flight. It is also not necessary to register how many pages are required. Track your flight usage is therefore always and unlimitedly free of charge. It's best to just try it out.

Follow the flight while on the move

Of course, you can't just follow the planes from home. Thanks to mobile internet, this is now possible from almost anywhere on earth. You can also follow the flight on your smartphone or tablet without any problems. You can use your normal browser for this. For tracking, go to the page and navigate to the large map. Then all the usual techniques and functions are freely available to you. Please note, however, that you need a permanent data connection to use it. A corresponding flat rate should therefore definitely be included in your mobile phone tariff.

Extensive information about the respective aircraft ...

If you want to follow a classic scheduled flight, a lot of additional information will be made available to you on request. Because of course not only the date and time of take-off and possibly landing is very interesting. Especially users who are interested in technology and aircraft are also interested in the aircraft used. When tracking the flight, you will also be shown information on this, if it is available. On many flights you will even find an original picture of the machine used, so that you have a clear picture in front of your eyes.

Simple operation and easy control

If you also want to track a flight, the big map is with the Flight radar the most important element for you. When you enter the website, you will first be shown all flights around the world. Accordingly, you can still see the map here in the large world view.

All planes that are currently en route are symbolically represented with a small plane. If it is a flight for which no precise or further information is available, this is shown on the map with a small question mark. If you want to focus your gaze on a particular flight, you just have to zoom in on the respective destination.

A short click on the "+" symbol on the side is enough to bring the view closer. If you want to get back into the big overview, you just have to zoom out again.

Track flight - useful for pilots of modern drones

Today, modern drones are very powerful and have a long range. Accordingly, incidents occur more frequently near airports in which fortunately nothing worse has happened so far. Modern drones can now soar to such heights that they can be dangerous for normal air traffic.

With the flight radar, such dangerous situations can be avoided directly and the risk of accidents can be reduced significantly. Because before the drone starts, the tracking can be used to precisely check whether flights are currently taking place over the respective terrain or whether flights are to be expected in the coming minutes. If this is not the case, the flight with the drone can of course take place and take off without danger.

Try it out: just follow every flight ...

Visit the site and try Track Flight directly and at no cost. Experience the excitement, use the various possibilities and get to know the many facets and possibilities of flying. It is also possible to use tracking via mobile devices, so that you can also track the respective flight from a trip or from the office. Since registration is not necessary, nor is it really costly to use it, you do not take any risks with the non-binding test. It is definitely worth testing, not just for aircraft enthusiasts, but for all users who enjoy flying.

What technology is behind the location and tracking of aircraft?

It is mostly that Flight controlwho has a keen interest in where all aircraft are currently located. Because the number of machines flying at the same time is increasing with every day, the risk of accidents also increases significantly. So that this can be reduced, the supervisor knows at all times where each aircraft is. This can prevent collisions and accidents. The technology behind this process is actually very simple.

Today almost every modern aircraft is equipped with a transponder, which forwards the exact location twice every second using coordinates. Frequent sending is very important, especially because of the high speed at which modern traffic machines travel, so that the location can be determined precisely.

Airplane tracking is easy

Modern technology makes it possible for everyone to follow a flight today. But this not only benefits security, it can also be used by private users for a variety of reasons. While flight safety uses the location to avoid accidents and to bring order to the chaos in the sky, it is mainly people interested in technology and family members who want to follow a flight. But how exactly does it work when you want to track a flight?


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