Aircraft radar in real time on Flug-verfü

The airplane radar world map, which is covered with tiny airplane symbols, shows every flight in the sky. If you click on any airplane symbol on the map, a number will appear with the altitude and speed of the airplane.

Once you have selected a specific aircraft on the map, a pop-up will appear on the left with full flight information such as aircraft photo, aircraft type, registration, departure and arrival airports, ETA, altitude, speed, heading, etc. It is very much indeed nice to track a specific flight this way. In addition, there is a search that you can use to search by flight number, airport name, or even by location. The filter application shows data planes like the plane's registration date, rollout, delivery time, etc.

Aircraft radar filter options

You can optionally set different display modes, as there is a large selection of filter options available on the right sidebar. You can choose between four types of map and even set the dimming level. In addition, you can filter the aircraft data on the map according to various criteria or you can customize your own filters create.

Similar to FlightRadar24 PlaneFinder offers a great feature called "3D" that emulates real-time data from aircraft in a spectacular 3D view. Compared to FlightRadar24 there are no additional tools in the 3D view, such as in the cockpit, but PlaneFinder has a large coverage (around 12,000 aircraft around the world) and you can switch to the 3D view with Google Earth Plug- installed in your browser.

Mobile applications of aircraft radar

The Flight tracking- and aircraft tracking system Flight radar offers a range of mobile applications. If you start it on your smartphone or tablet, you can follow your journey and see which aircraft is in which direction and what progress it is making.

A technical difficulties or a failure of the flight radar can cause annoyance among Internet surfers.

Aircraft radar is available for:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

The free version of Flight Radar shows you real-time aircraft position along with the aircraft's flight and registration numbers.


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