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If you are interested in daily and current air traffic, Flightradar is just right for you. Because especially nowadays this could hardly be more extensive and modern. Numerous planes constantly cross numerous countries and transport goods. The aircraft is also ideally suited for fast journeys, among other things due to its high speed, maximum reliability and safety. If you are a fan of modern technology and want information about the aircraft, you should take a close look at Flightradar24.

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The planes move at a very high speed, making current data mandatory. The Flightradar24 uses civil aviation data for this purpose and provides you with a clear overview. Most modern aircraft today are equipped with a so-called transponder and thus permanently transmit the current location. Because the data cannot be displayed completely in real time, they have a minimal delay of a few minutes.

Free follow-up without registration

When using Flightradar24 there are no costs and registration is not necessary. All you have to do is go to the website and you can see the aircraft data follow. The update is of course completely free for you. Regardless of whether it's sporadic use or regular tracking out of interest in the technology, you benefit from the reliable and free technology. You can also track ships using ship radar. The most famous are Vesselfinder and Marine traffic.

Get more information about current flights

You can see all flights at a glance on the large map on the home page. Each aircraft is marked here with a small symbol, the map initially shows all current aircraft around the world. By simply zooming in, you can focus on a specific symbol or country and thus only view a smaller part of the map.

However, if required, you will not only get an overview of all current flights. Further information is also available and can be viewed. All you have to do is click on the respective symbol of the flight. Which aircraft is used for the flight? Where is the journey going and from which Airport the machine started, you can call up all this and other information. This information is of course always up to date and leaves nothing to be desired.

Use the Flightradar24 on the go ...

Do you have a tablet PC with a mobile phone option or a modern smartphone? Then you can Flight radar can also be used on the go. Would you like to know when the respective aircraft will land while on vacation? Or are you interested in the current air traffic on a car trip? None of this is a problem.

With the Flight tracking you receive the information clearly arranged directly on your device. Whether smartphone or tablet does not matter here. Please note that the data connection is used for regular updates. Depending on the tariff, this can cause additional costs.

Who uses the Flightradar24?

Those who are waiting for a current flight benefit from the current data. Technically interested people are also the right target group for this. Do you wonder if and when your family will finally end up safe? This also provides you with this information Flight radar. The possible uses are accordingly particularly diverse and extensive.

About Flightradar24

FlightRadar24, was founded in 2007 by a Swedish company, Travel Network, as a real-time aircraft tracking system. The data obtained by the system is displayed on an interactive map, making it possible to monitor the aircraft around the world.

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