Real-time flight radar

Flight radarDo you want to know where in the world the plane your best friend is on is? Or, as a passionate friend of modern technology, do you like to collect information about aircraft, their Flights and Co.?

With the modern Flight radar you can pursue your hobby or your passion without effort and expense. Because with this you can clearly see almost any aircraft from anywhere in the world followthat just completed a flight.

Regardless of whether it is a short flight within Germany or a large one Airlinerthat is on the way to the United States of America you have with the modern one Flight radar the vote.

Flight radar - Use possible anytime and anywhere

A great advantage of modern smartphones and tablets today is the fact that they can go online anytime and anywhere with the right technology. Powerful cellular networks around the world also make mobile surfing very fast. And in the end it also benefits from this powerful and modern technology Flight radar. Because you can also use it while on the go.

For this, it is sufficient if you call up the page from the browser as normal, and the desired data is already available to you. Of course, you can alternatively follow the radar on your computer or notebook, here you have completely free choice. Whether from home, from the train or from the motorway, the service is available to you anytime and anywhere. On this website you can track flights 24/7 for free, you only need a PC, smartphone or tablet

How does the tracking work?

Of course, air traffic control has to know at all times where all aircraft are in the world. This is the only way to avoid dangerous situations. Fortunately, due to the tight organization, accidents are the absolute exception. However, the technology that is used to locate the aircraft to increase security can also be used in the private sector Flight radar be used. Thanks to permanent location, which is now very precise to within a few meters, every aircraft can be located at any time and accordingly tracked. In principle, the flight radar works similarly to that Ship radar.

Which technology is used for this?

To get the data for the Flight radar The technology of ADS-B transponders for use. These are actually built into every modern aircraft today, and from 2017 they are even required by law in German commercial aircraft.

The task of Transponder is to send the exact location of the aircraft twice within a second. Due to the high frequency, the position can be determined very precisely at any time, even if the aircraft is moving very quickly at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour.

Also the FFA, the Aviation Authority of the United States of America, represents for the Flight radar helpful information about the respective flight is available. However, you should note that this data is subject to a delay of about 5 minutes due to several detours. The aircraft that are described above Transponder are localized are accordingly much more up-to-date here.

Free service for everyone Airplane enthusiasts

The service from Flight radar is completely free for you. After all, you shouldn't have to take out a subscription or pay a one-time fee to enjoy the fascination of Tracking to be able to experience. Annoying registration, in which you have to enter your personal data, is of course not necessary. Just visit the website of Flight radar and enjoy the free and extensive range.

Airplane, helicopter or scheduled flight - the choice is yours ...

In fact, today all aircraft and similar aircraft can be located without any problems. Accordingly, you will find the Flight radar Not only the current data of the large airliners, but also small, private machines and even helicopters can be tracked here. You can usually recognize these machines by a small question mark as a symbol, since no further information about the respective aircraft or helicopter can be made. Nevertheless, you can of course also track exactly where the aircraft or helicopter is flying to, when it took off and when the landing was carried out successfully.

What information is made available to you?

Of course, the flight radar is primarily suitable for tracking the exact flight at any time and anywhere in the world. However, if required, significantly more information can be made available if this is desired. This is especially true if you want to follow a regular scheduled flight.

Because here you not only follow the exact route on the map, but also get important basic data about the flight. When did the plane take off, when is it scheduled to land? Are there any peculiarities what's the weather like on the track at the moment? Are there any delays and what is the actual destination of the flight, including the exact airport? You can get all these questions answered with the flight radar, so that you can get a comprehensive picture of the respective flight.

Especially for you, if you are very interested in the aircraft themselves, the display of the exact aircraft model is certainly interesting. In this way, you can imagine the aircraft directly in the blue sky in your imagination, or you can find more information about the technical properties by doing a quick search on the web. 

Clear presentation on the large world map ...

You can easily track all flights that are currently active around the world on the large world map. Here you can see at a glance how many planes are en route, where there is particularly much traffic and more: Alternatively, you can of course also track a single plane. The map offers you the zoom function for this.

Thanks to this, you can zoom in on the aircraft up to a few kilometers and thus follow it directly and alone. This is no problem at all from take-off to final landing, and of course it also works when you're on the go. So you don't miss a single meter of your preferred flight. 

If you would like to have further information on a specific flight, simply click on the respective symbol on the map. The data is then clearly displayed on the side. On many flights there is also an original picture of the machine so that you can get a comprehensive picture directly. 

Simply try out the flight radar yourself

Are you curious? Then try out the flight radar today. Since you neither have to register nor pay anything, a short test is of course not a problem at all. And who knows, maybe the fascination of tracking will grab you and you will become a new fan of flight radar. Have fun discovering, browsing and marveling. You will notice that it is definitely worth it, whether for technical reasons, boredom or as a hobby.

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